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Printable Daily Habit Tracker

These days, I feel so busy. So busy that I find myself forgetting to do my daily tasks. Silly, right? I mean, I’ve killed plants forgetting to water them. I’ve forgotten to take my daily vitamins. I’ve even forgotten to update my planner to do lists. Because I find it so hard to keep track of my daily tasks/ habits, I decided to make a Daily Habit Tracker. And because I am “lister”, my mind only recognizes a task as complete if I check it off in some way. It’s honestly the only way I feel as if I’ve accomplished something. It also makes it easier to see when the last time I’ve completed said task. If I forget to water the plants today and tomorrow comes along, maybe I’ll give them a little more water than normal to make up for it. This is gonna save my plants yall!


I also love this because it makes me see my bad habits. If I haven’t had 8 cups of water a day in the last 4 days but I had at least one Dr. Pepper, I know to make a mental note to do better. I’m able to set that goal to improve myself and correct my bad habits.

I am sharing this free printable with yall in hopes that this will help you set goals for good habits and help you recognize the bad ones. Lets work on ourselves little by little because we deserve it.



This document is in PDF format and has a line dedicated to trim down to the Classic Happy Planner. This document may fit the EC Life Planner.