Budget Planning is HARD…

But The Happy Planner®️ makes it SO EASY! I just started preparing my July budget planner!

I don’t know why the exclamation point was necessary. There’s nothing fun about it. Let’s be real, budgeting sucks. I’ve never used a budget planner because I felt I was doing fine on my own. My bank account proved I was wrong. 😒

So I decided to add a budget extension pack from The Happy Planner®️ to my current planner to get my crap together.

The budget extension pack gives you all the tools you need to do just that. It gives you a place to list your savings goals and a way to track it. It also offers a “month at a glance” where you list projected costs and actual costs of every single thing you pay in a month. Anything from mortgage to groceries to child care to taxes. It even offers a place to write in miscellaneous items.

Well, this is where things got tough. I mean it’s all fun and games watching Netflix and Hulu and having prime and Kindle Unlimited until you realize that all adds up to $50 a month. Then if you’re me, you start thinking of what else you could be using that $50 on instead of laying around every Sunday binging The Office for the 7th time. 🤷🏻‍♀️Sorry. Thought spiral. And I’m cheap. Moving on.

So I was setting it up the month at a glance and started feeling a little discouraged. Naturally I turned to Pinterest. (Pinterest is free btw.) I started looking up budget ideas cause at this point, I needed a little help. Well, as I’m scrolling down I came across this post.

And I had one of those “🙌🏻YAAASSSS” moments!

I was sitting here stressing over the fact that in the Houston heat, my light bill was now $179 and my phone bill just went up and I didn’t stop to be grateful that I had electricity in the first place. Or a phone to connect with people.

So I decided to make this insert for my planner with the quote on it. I used a grid page by The Happy Planner®️ and cut it down and lettered on it with a Crayola Supertip.

Some of you beautiful people asked for me to share this, so here it is. I created a digital version just for you. Just save it and print it out.

I hope you can use this as a reminder to yourself that when the numbers seem overwhelming, being grateful is always free.