DIY Birthday Cheat Sheets!

July, for a lot of us, meant moving into a new planner! (YAY!) But it also meant the daunting task of moving over important dates and birthdates to your new planner. (BOO!) I have a huge family and A TON of birthdays I keep track of so my hand is always hurting by the time I get to April. So to avoid premature carpal tunnel, I’ve created a birthday “cheat sheet” of sorts to move from planner to planner or page to page when necessary. This way, when it’s time to move into a new planner, I can just move the birthday cheat sheets with me and I don’t have to rewrite all the important dates. Here’s how I created them…

I took the Happy Planner®️ note paper half sheets and cut them in half. You could also trim down the full page note paper or grid paper to create these.

I then pulled all my sticker books with the month stickers, date stickers, alpha stickers and “birthday” stickers. I used these stickers to label the half sheets “Happy December Birthday” or “January Birthdays”.

I added the tiny date stickers for all the dates I needed that month. I’ve found that there are quite a bit of people born on the 7th of the month!

I then added seasonal washi and stickers to decorate my birthday cheat sheets. I’m a seasonal kind of girl so I stuck with the seasonal theme, but with all the amazing products that The Happy Planner®️ provides, the customization possibilities are endless.

If you make some of these DIY bday cheat sheets, tag me on Instagram @aliciamichellexo! I’d love to see how you customized yours!